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Challenge Facing American Business FACING

" Being loathed by competitors is not so bad, but the rest of that, and Terry's polemics and Moore's oxymorons, range between borderline disgusting and mind-boggling.

Why are business analysts so angry with American business, and mostly its leaders? Why are they convinced that (only) radical change will suffice? And why would any analysis, such as this one, attempt to identify the worst problem ("the BIGGEST challenge") for leaders to discover and solve?


As luck would have it, and as business-luck generally does not have it, in mid-analysis of these questions a Pulitzer-Prize-winning author has very recently placed in a single paragraph the answers to all those questions and implied--strongly enough to reveal--their very nearly singular answer. Belton published an interview with Daniel Yergin who has recently coauthored a book on global economics, and in the interview Yergin states flatly that "The final thing that ties it all together is technology." He is speaking here of the thing that has made Markets "triumph" over Government; and Belton, in her questioning, forced Yergin to address not only the success of market forces but the morality of markets and what impels them, today, to be moral. And his reply--in five parts--answers the questions posed above: "There are five signposts or tests out there [about the morality of a market]. No. 1: Does it deliver


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