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The Big Mad about American Business

Here is why everybody knows I/T is the problem.

A solid compendium of business leadership problems in the modern world--by recognized experts from the Wharton School, Harvard, Columbia, and such business schools--is that edited by Collins and Devanna. The fourteen chapters cover: business, executives, employees, quantities, economics, marketing, information, resources, quality, accounting, finances, strategy, enterprise, and leadership--in that order. One is about the product or service; one is about the customer; three are about money; four are about human beings (insiders); and two are about organizations. The other two are about how big things are and how to store the measurements.

With respect to the environment and other social problems or socio-cultural objectives for business, leaders who will not succeed in the long run are those who continue to view 'the environment' as code for: those global-warming Chicken Littles, every scaredy-cat incineration-hater, and that wimpish hand-wringing super-patriot, Al Gore, the simp. Well, such leaders need something more helpful and specific on which to focus. They might consider this question every morning just before entering the building: What if the receptionist's greeting today is, "All our suppliers called; they've looked through all their rooms and all around outside and they can't find anything else to supply; but it doesn't matter, because the Health Department called too: All our customers died."

Too saccharin? Still prefer comparisons of business to the war-theories of Clausewitz and Sun Tzu and business leaders to Sitting Bull, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and Adolf Hitler? Such descriptions abound. But consider this: The Pew Center for Global Climate Change is comprised of volunteers only. There are only twelve; among them are Whirlpool, British Petroleum, 3M, and Toyota. If one seeks only reading material describing hard-nosed business strategy and success, one ...

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