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"Medicine Man," A Film of Anthropology

R' Crane arrived and was shocked by the exposed bodies, rampant drinking, and unique native rituals. Thus, under Dr. Campbell's influence, Dr. Crane quickly realized the importance of the cultures' individuality and accepted its distinctiveness and basic set of morality and ethics. The strength of cultural relativism was that it allowed the researchers to hold fast to their moral intuitions without being judgmental about other societies that do not share those intuitions (5). This is a prime example of the importance of cultural relativism and its application in field research.

Ethnography, the study of a particular group at a particular time was utilized in the film "Medicine Man" in order for Dr. Campbell to become more accustom to the rituals, lifestyles, and medical remedies of the Amazonian society (397). In his ethnographic study of the rain forest natives, Dr. Campbell observed very old indigenous c


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