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"Medicine Man"Anthropology

Dr. Campbell surveyed the culture and gained insight into the powers and capabilities of a local medical shaman authority, the "Medicine Man." He realized the impact of this single man upon the society and observed his methods of conjuring and procuring medicinal products. This ethnographic study of native culture ultimately allowed him to find a cure for cancer.

Additionally, Dr. Campbell utilized important tools of science to research the medicinal products he discovered in his ethnographic observation. Modern science is based the premises that the universe is real, reality is objective, and the universe operates according to certain constant and discoverable laws (20). Thus, because science is empirical and objective, Dr. Campbell observed, measured and tested his theories (Harris 448). In the movie, the research design was created as a model of scientific investigation in order for Dr. Campbell to find the original cancer curing antidote. His hypothesis was that the unique flower cured cancer and the discussion and questions included, "What was the initial curing serum made of?" A theoretical approach was developed to tests the hypothesis, and conclusions were designated with pertinent data to support the tests and explanations (Sutton, Yohe 20). Thus, because the flower was not the cure, both scientists were required to re-test until they found the correct ingredient. This utilization of anthropology and its theoretical ties to science and the scientific method allowed Dr. Crane and Dr. Campbell to discover the antidote to cure cancer.

The film "Medicine Man" properly depicted the multidisciplinary field of Anthropology. Various field methods were utilized including cultural relativism, ethnography, and scientific method in a comparative study of humanity across time and space. This study allowed Dr. Campbell to analyze the aborigine society, and with Dr. Crane's assistance, regenerate the cure f


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