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Lack of knowledge Causes Poverty

Nonetheless, contrary to the image of "welfare families" who live in poverty because they are unwilling to work and want only to be funded by government programs, most children who live in low-income and poor families have either one or two parents who are employed full-time (NCCP "Low-Income Children" 1). Thus, 56 percent of all children in low-income families - 14.6 million - have at least one parent who works full-time year-round (NCCP "Basic Facts" 1). Twenty-eight percent of children in low-income families have at least one parent who works part-time or full-time at least part of the year (NCCP "Basic Facts" 1). Only 16 percent of low income families with children - 4.2 million - do not have a working parent (NCCP "Low-Income Children" 1). The problem, therefore, is not so much that these children live in families with parents who choose not to work, but that their parents work in jobs that do not pay a wage above poverty and low-income levels.

One reason why parents work in poverty and low-income level employment is simply that they do not have the education and training to get higher paying jobs. Twenty-six percent of children in low-income families ...

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