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Reckless Foreign Policy of George W. Bush Administration

The Bush administration was unhappy with this decision, deriding 'Old Europe' for being hidebound and slower to accept the realities of the new post September 11 world than 'New Europe.' Old Europe, of course, referred to France, Italy, and Germany which have been among our strongest and most important international allies for over fifty years (Witt C-1). New Europe referred to the former Soviet satellites, which were more than willing to participate in a coalition to invade Iraq in exchange for economic aid. In deriding the leaders of Germany, Italy, and France for their reticence to rush to war without giving the inspectors adequate time to search Iraq for WMD, the Bush administration made it all the more difficult for those countries to make an about face and join the coalition while simultaneously alienating them.

When the U.S. directed the U.N inspectors to leave Iraq and subsequently invaded without a U.N. mandate, world opinion was squarely against us. The so-called coalition that invaded Iraq included troops from Britain, Australia and Polandùhardly a strong show of global support for our policies. While some countries have contributed negligible amounts of troops in the aftermath, they are defecting as the invasion has resulted in a quagmire of insurgency and boiling resentment against the occupying forces (Daalder 43). Additionally, the Bush administration's decision to lock all non-coalition countries out of the rebuilding efforts has further driven a wedge between the U.S. and the rest of the world, especially France, Russia and Germany (Jehl 1). Our alienation of France and Germany is especially harmful because it precludes the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) from participating in Iraq. Unlike Afghanistan, where NATO shares a significant


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