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Foreign Policy of George W. Bush Administration

The Bush administration began to alienate the rest of the world when they lobbied for a UN resolution to invade Iraq. At the time, UN weapons inspectors were in Iraq and had been granted unprecedented access to facilities across the country such as Saddam HusseinĂs palaces. The inspectors were not finding weapons of mass destruction (WMD), however, and the Bush administration was impatient with the process being convinced that Saddam was hiding significant WMD programs. It was during this period that Secretary of State Colin Powell made his now infamous presentation to the UN body where he provided shaky intelligence pointing to WMD sites in Iraq. The world was not convinced and, led by France and Germany, the Security Council did not authorize an invasion of Iraq, instead preferring to give the inspectors more time to search the country (Williams 12). The Bush administration was unhappy with this decision, deriding ˘Old Europe÷ for being hidebound and slower to accept the realities of the new post September 11 world than ˘New Europe.÷ Old Europe, of course, referre


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