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And yet, liberal as Reform Judaism tends to be, their basic principles, as adopted by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, are concerned with justice and a respect for God. For example, "We continue to have faith that, in spite of the unspeakable evils committed against our people and the sufferings endured by others, the partnership of God and humanity will ultimately prevail" (Anon 2003 2).

In terms of God and Jewish respect for Him, how does the idea of the Sabbath mesh with what Catholics and protestants hold as their day of prayer and rest- Sunday. The difference is mre in the calendar itself, later generations seeing Monday as the first day of the week, the ancient Jews (who were primarily on the lunar calendar) saw their Sabbath as the seventh day of the week. "In modern America, we take the five-day work-week so much for granted that we forget what a radical concept a day of rest was in ancient times. The weekly day of rest has no parallel in any other ancient civilization. In ancient times, leisure was for the wealthy and the ruling classes only, never for the serving or laboring classes. In addition, the very idea of rest each week was unimaginable. The Greeks thought Jews were lazy because we insisted on having a "holiday" every seventh day" (Rich 2002 3)

At my Saturday morning visit, I foun


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