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"In the WTO, the EU plays a leading role and is a proponent of a new round of negotiations with an agenda that is broader than the one built-in to the Uruguay Round. The EU practices a policy of transparency on its own WTO documents, and engages its civil society representatives in a dialogue on WTO matters. The EU is also a leading user of the WTO dispute settlement procedures to enforce rights under the agreements, and is a respondent in a number of cases; the WTO dispute settlement procedures play a key role, notably, in managing transatlantic trade relations (European Union: July 2000, 2000)."

An item that appears at the official website of European Union in the United States explains that the EU has asked the WTO to mediate a trade dispute between the U.S. and the EU. The Through the WTO, the EU is challenging the continued imposition of sanctions on EU exports by the U.S. relating to decision by the EU to ban the import of certain hormone fed beef from the United States. The EU believes these sanctions are no longer justified since it has changed its regulations to bring them into line with WTO rules. The fact that the EU has asked the WTO to mediate this dispute suggests that the EU values the role of the WTO. (EU Requests WTO to Confirm no Jus

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