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Recession in the Workplace

More than one employee who lost their job in the first round of layoffs is still looking for work. Downward communication has become an opportunity for management to influence or manipulate subordinates. Management does not offer to share its concerns with employees, or to respond to employees' concerns. Instead, management is motivating the remaining workers through coercion. It seems that management believes that everyone still employed should be grateful for the fact that they have a job, and this makes manipulation of employees relatively.

From the Symbolic Frame of reference, management's actions are difficult to understand and interpret. Management is making no effort to provide inspiration to employees unless one considers coercion to be a form of inspiration. As a result, employee commitment is lacking among the remaining employees. Because of this, the quality, quantity and timeliness of their work is falling. At the same time, the company is using this crisis to establish a new social order in the organization in which an employee's historical contributions to the success of the organization are of less importance than their ability to continue to add value. This has resulted in situations in which employees with more seniority have been laid off and newer employees have remained employed because the newer employee can perform multiple tasks. In the Symbolic Frame, the unwritten commitment that the company would only dismiss an employee for cause has been supplanted with the idea that employees are disposable.

Questions from 15.2: Are individual commitment and motivation essential to success? Yes, I believe that they are essential to the success of the individual and the organization they work for. Is the technical quality of the decision important? In my view, it is. The technical quality of decisions is always an important element or component of individual and organizational success. Is there a high level of...

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