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Workplace Problem

It causes every employee to consider at some time or another whether we would be better off working somewhere else. The company's future is a frequent topic of conversation. It has become a running joke that whenever anyone misses a day of work that they were probably on a job interview.

The Four Frames: Looking at this problem from a Structural Frame of reference, the company is looking at the question of how to do more work with fewer people by realigning roles and responsibilities in order to complete all the needed tasks. Assigning tasks to employees that have not been trained to do the work is seen as rational because it is necessary. The fact that senior management is not sharing their concerns or plans with employees can be interpreted as management's attempt at goal setting by keeping the company headed in the right direction while the company makes plans to deal with the changes in demand and reduction in price that have caused this crisis. In terms of communication, senior management believes that it is acting responsibly be transmitting only factual information and not sharing their concerns with employees.

From the Human Resources Frame, the company is undergoing a radical transformation but managers believe that the only practical solution is to seek commitment from the remaining employees but commitment is a two way street. Managers must maintain a balance between dealing with hu


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