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Therapeutic Cloning and Breast Implants

For these reasons, proponents of the use of embryonic stem cell research and therapies believe that new embryonic stem cell lines should be made available. This runs contrary to the position taken by President Bush, who in 2001 upheld a ban on the use of new embryonic stem cell lines in government-funded laboratories, restricting those facilities to using cell lines that were already available from previously harvested embryos. This ban came as a result of public opinion against the use of embryos for research.

Public opinion against embryo stem cell research derives from two concerns. The first concern, often put forward by religious groups and those who do not believe abortion to be moral, is that human embryos should retain the rights of grown humans and should not be used for research purposes. The second concern is related to another technology involving embryos, the new technology of embryo stem cell cloning. Embryo stem cell cloning can be defined as the transfer of nuclear or genetic material into an egg cell that has had its nucleus removed and then growing the remodeled egg cell into an organism (Bohlin, 2004). The first public claim to have cloned human cells in the United States came from the company Advanced Cell Technologies (ACT) in November of 2001. Previous to this, cloning had successfully been achieved in six species: sheep, cattle, pigs, goats, mice, and cats (Bohlin, 2004). However, human stem cell cloning had proved trickier than working with these other species. ACT was only moderately successful in its attempts at cloning humans, as the cloned cells created would grow to a mass of six cells and then die. This growth was not sufficient to allow for harvesting stem cells that could be used in research (Bohlin, 2004).

ACT publicized their achievement to the major news media, perhaps in order to garner public support for cloning research. As it happened, this had the opposite effect, leading to public fears tha...

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