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U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Cuba

The U.S. Cuban policy under Clinton was established in legislation through the Libertad (Helms-Burton) Act, and the Cuban Democracy Act (CDA) of 1992. These two laws were designed to cement the financial pressure placed upon the Castro regime. The CDA tightened existing economic sanctions on Cuba, while the Libertad Act created new sanctions, which increased protection of U.S. property interests in Cuba and discouraged foreign investment. State Department officials have insisted that the CDA has slowed foreign investment in Cuba, although there have not been a large number of determinations of "trafficking" under the Act. In addition, State Department officials have stated that the provisions of the Libertad Act have caused foreign companies to take greater time and care when considering investments in Cuba to ensure that U.S. property interests are not affected. These officials have also admitted, however, that these two measures have triggered complaints from U.S. trading partners and even litigation by the European Union in the World Trade Organization (WTO). (Ranneberger, 1997).

Like previous administrations, that led by Bill Clinton has asserted that real change in Cuba must be brought about by the Cuban people. This can only happen when the people can no longer tolerate the economic, social, and political conditions in the country. In order to facilitate such change, the Clinton administration and its predecessors have sought to increase the flow of information to, from and within Cuba. In order to accomplish this goal, Clinton began allowing groups within the U.S. to develop new contacts on the island and began licensing dozens of trips, programs and other activities by nongovermental organizations (NGOs) and institutions in the U.S. aimed at establishing positive working relationships with counterparts in Cuba. (Ranneberger, 1997).

In January 1999, the Clinton Administration announced further changes in the policy...

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