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Growth of Information Technology

These governments are starting to recognize the extensive benefits of information collection, analysis and dissemination which is supported by computer-based technologies, and they are actively seeking to use this technology for decision-making and development planning to accelerate their socioeconomic development. Many developing nations are taking advantage of the information technology and computerization projects available to them, already developed by other nations, and most of these nations are using them to improve their socioeconomic programs, which appear to be their highest priority. However, many failed to achieve the expected returns on their investment because they concentrated on material investment and not on human resources development to run the technology.

Most developing countries have invested heavily in consultation, training, and establishing strong and efficient information technology infrastructure which they hope will lead them more quickly towards self-sufficiency, and build a national information infrastructure which could also help them boost their socioeconomic development (Kamel 772). However, it is not sufficient to just have the technology at hand, but it is necessary to know how to apply it effectively so that it fits in with the culture of the country, with the societal values, as well as the information technology ne


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