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Relationship between Latin American-United States

Although the role for the Department of Defense in the anti-drug effort is relatively new, the funding received by the armed forces has surpasses that received by Department of Justice organizations, including the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

As strange as it sounds, the Latin American drug cartels are also beneficiaries of the United States anti-drug effort in Latin America. One aspect of the drug war in Latin America involves the training by American military personnel of the military personnel in selected Latin American countries in order to better prepare the South American military organizations to operate against the drug cartels. Bolivia is one site of such military training. Of the Bolivian military personnel receiving the training, however, approximately 85 percent are one-year conscripts. Not only are these newly trained personnel going to be lost to the Latin American military organizations before they can have any effect in the anti-drug effort, many of the personnel will be hired by the drug cartels on their release from military service, and will be paid premium wages because of their newly acquired expertise provided by the United States military through the anti-drug effort.

Latin American military authorities in countries targeted by the American anti-drug effort are also major beneficiaries of the drug war. There is strong evidence that the military authorities in the target countries expend most of the American money they receive for anti-drug efforts to pursue their own political goals by attacking the political organizations opposing the military. Unfortunately, there is also strong evidence that United States diplomats are aware of this situation, and that these same diplomats in many instances either condone or support such use of American anti-drug funds by Latin American military leaders.

Political leaders in the United States have also used the drug war as a pretext to pursue their own poli...

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