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History of Monarchy

Like all good myths, these stories, whether historically factual or not, served to inspire the listener and to exemplify the noble character and ideals by which the listener may successfully pattern his own behavior. Despite his ruthless verve for military action, Richard often applied the chivalrous ideals learned through the chansons when engaged in battle.

As the result of a conflict concerning his inheritance, in 1183, Richard initiated a military campaign against his father. Henry's plan to posthumously divide his empire among his sons meant that Richard stood to lose a substantial portion of his inheritance. Displeased with this, he took action to secure the disputed territories. The action was not entirely successful, Henry was clearly Richard's superior at intrigue and battle, but he was able to maintain the conflict until his father's death of illness in 1189. In spite of the conflict Henry willed the entirety of his empire to Richard. Clearly this decision was one of political necessity. As he pretended to give Richard the ceremonial kiss of peace Henry wispered, "God grant that I may not die until I have my revenge on you" (Gillingham 124). On July 6, 1189, Henry died without having obtained his revenge.

Richard went to England to attend his coronation. During the next three months he would pillage the country for funds and then depart as the leader of the third crusade. With his future enemy, King Philip Augustus of France, he traveled to the Holy Land in order to secure the territory for Christianity. He fought the superior army of Saladin and while he failed to capture Jerusalem, he did manage to win the coastal cities Between Acre and Jaffa. The crusade took its toll on Richard, however. After a lengthy campaign, Richard was ill and exhausted. He sued for peace under the conditions that he be allowed to keep the land he had won. Out of respect for his worthy adversary, Saladin granted sovereignty of t...

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