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Surrounded by such splendor, it is easy to see why Romans are so productive. For example, it is very early morning now, the perfect time for me to attend to my correspondence. My host, who is a lawyer, is busy dealing with personal matters such as household management, looking over accounts, giving orders to his subordinates--that kind of thing (Johnston). If his routine is the same today as yesterday, he will receive clients in his atrium at midmorning. The only things that interfere with the salutatio, he tells me, is a wedding or some initiation rite; ever since Marcus Aurelius, the naming and coming-of-age events have been made part of the public record, and they are morning rituals. Later it's off to the Forum, his retinue trailing him, to attend to senate and court business. He then returns home to dine and rest (Johnston).

We attended games at the Flavian Amphitheatre (people here have long called it the Coliseum, especially since the time of the emperor Carinus, as you will shortly appreciate). It is located almost precisely in the middle of the city--as if all roads lead to Flavius. It is enormous, with three tiers of arched walls totaling 150 feet high at least (Johnston 277). Depending on whom you talk to, there are 64 (Gibbon 299) or 80 (Johnston 277) different entrances, or vomitoria, accommodating spectators, and just as many rows of seats. So you never have the fee

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