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Negotiated Meanings of Gender & Ethnicity

The authors used a multi-method approach based on interviews with women in different occupations to analyze possibilities of change in marital communication. They conclude that increased gender consciousness and interpersonal skills facilitate negotiations.

Brannen, M. Y. (2000). Partnering across borders: negotiating organizational culture in a German-Japanese joint venture. Human Relations, 53, pp. 451-487.

This study expands theoretical research on negotiated culture by testing basic assumptions in the context of a German- Japanese joint venture. Data collected by semi-structured interviews were analyzed to uncover key issues that became catalysts for negotiation. Results include a model of cultural negotiation linking organizational events with issue domains as points of departure for negotiations. Results show that aggregate models of cultural difference are useful only to the extent that they serve as latent conceptual anchors guiding individuals' cultural responses to events. The authors conclude that, while it is unlikely we can predict organizational culture formation in complex cultural organizations, we can understand the process of cultural negotiation and be better prepared to monitor and manage culturally diverse settin


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