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Treatment of Blue & White Collar Criminals by England Legal System

The issue that must be addressed is the extent to which enforcement priorities led to the recording of all crimes. Blue collar crimes were recorded at the rate of 7,405 per 100,000 population in England in 1986, while white collar crimes were recorded at the rate of 267 per 100,000 population. What the recording rates should have been are not known.

Detention short of arrest is not a legal option for English police officers. English police officers often circumvent this legal technicality by not referring to detention as detention. In reporting such actions, English newspapers tend to use the term 'helping the police with their inquiries,' a euphemism which means that an individual is being detained and questioned without either being charged or being officially arrested. The term has even worked its way into popular fiction.

English police, however, have no legal authority to hold an individual in a prolonged, ambiguous status. White collar suspects, who are likely to be better educated, have greater access to legal counsel, and to be more aware of their legal rights than blue collar suspects are less likely to be 'helping the police with their inquiries,' because they know that the police lack the legal authority for such detention, and, in most instances, refuse to accept such treatment. Blue collar suspects, by contrast, because they seldom are fully aware of either their rights or of the legal authority of the police, will usually consent to such detention short of arrest.

Financial surety as a form of bail was largely eliminated in England in 1976. In place of financial surety, England 'abandoned the use of the accused recognizance and substituted a system of criminal punishments for absconding.' Financial surety may still be required if the court considers flight on the part of an accused.

In decisions related to the requirement of financial surety for bail, the courts consider the financial resources of t...

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