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What is Total Quality Management?

As a result, the entire organization is brought into the TQM process, from procurement through manufacturing and including accounting.

Because TQM encompasses the entire organization, it requires that all employees be committed to the TQM process. In small organizations, getting all employees to be involved in the process can be accomplished through internal communications and training programs. The process is essentially the same for both small and large organizations, but because large organizations are more complex and pose more logistical considerations, problems can arise when a TQM program is implemented (Crosby, 1992).

An effective quality management program begins with a commitment from the top level of the organization that quality management will become an overriding philosophy of the organization. This should be reflected in the development of a mission statement for the company as a whole, and supported by mission statements for various departments and divisions. This commitment needs to be augmented by providing the necessary resources to implement a quality program. These resources can include training programs, new equipment, and a shift in the relationship between employees and managers in order to emphasize increased employee involvement.

TQM implementation approaches can be classified in


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