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Technical Writing for Pirsig

The tea-drinking, therefore, is not just drinking tea, but it is the art of cultivating what might be called 'psychosphere,' or the psychic atmosphere, or the innere field of consciousness. We may say that it is generated within oneself, while sitting in a small semi-dark room with a low ceiling, irregualrly constructed, from he handling of the tea bowl, which is crudely formed but eloquent with the personality of the maker, and from listening to the sound of the boiling water in the iron kettle over a charcoal fire (Suzuki, 1959, n.p.)

Technical writing itself is a lot of effort for little reward in the thanks department. This is because for the most part, technical writing is of an anonymous nature. No one shopping in a bookstore picks up a manual for the sake of the manual. It is required reading to utilize the machine or code upon which it is based. Pirsig noticed this by viewing that most technical manuals were more tech and less writing. He also observed that the technical writer appears to write in a way as to assume that there is only one way to put the machine together for use by the user, a linear way of thinking.

The reason for this thinking is, in a way, elementary. Scientists and engineers are taught to think linearly. They are taught to begin with the widgit and eventually bring one back to the widgit. What they are incapable of seeing in this inward to outward approach is the art of the widgit itself. By focusing entirely on the inner workings of the widgit, they lose sight of the widgit. Their writing appears more as mathematical formula sets. Chunks. This chunk fits neatly into this next bigger chunk.

While chunks are important, so is something Pirsig refers to as 'gumption'. To Pirsig, gumption is 'the psychic gasoline that keeps the problem-solving process going. While some seem to be born with an abundance of gumption, gumption is not an endless commodity. Increasing the reservoir of good spirit...

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