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Pirsig and Technical Writing

The Classicist, however, sees the biology of the bike, and understands the engine from the inside outward.

Best put, technology should be considered as a part of nature's psychic framework such as that appearing in the Japanese Tea ceremony. Daisetz Suzuki puts it best:

The tea-drinking that is known as cha-no-yu in Japanese and as 'tea ceremony' or 'tea cult' in the West is not just drinking tea, but involves all the activities leading to it, all the utensils used in it, the entire atmosphere surrounding the procedure, an, last of all, what is really the most important phase, the frame of mind or spirit which mysteriously grows out of the combination of these factors.

The tea-drinking, therefore, is not just drinking tea, but it is the art of cultivating what might be called 'psychosphere,' or the psychic atmosphere, or the innere field of consciousness. We may say that it is generated within oneself, while sitting in a small semi-dark room with a low ceiling, irregualrly constructed, from he handling of the tea bowl, which is crudely formed but eloquent with the personality of the maker, and from listening to the sound of the boiling water in the iron kettle over a charcoal fire (Suzuki, 1959, n.p.)

Technical writing itself is a lot of effort for little reward in the thanks department. This is because for the most part, technical writing


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