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Analysis on Morbidity and Mortality Among Circumcised Xhosa Males

Complications do occur in somewhere from 0.1 percent to 35 percent of all circumcisions, depending upon the circumstances in which the surgery is practiced. Additionally, the most common complications have been identified by Rodriguez (1999) as infection, bleeding, and failure to remove the appropriate amount of foreskin.

A discussion by Stinson (2005) also focused on ritual circumcision among Xhosa male initiates, a substantial and growing number of whom are hospitalized or die from circumcision wounds undergone during traditional initiation rites. Stinson (2005) presented a qualitative review of relevant literature on the same problem addressed by Mogotlane and Ntlangulela (2004). Both qualitative studies meet the criteria described by Babbie (2004). In the case of the target article by Mogotlane and Ntlangulela (2004), the research moved from a review of relevant literature to the development of a problem statement. In the introduction/review of literature, the authors describe male circumcision and its history and its practice among different peoples and religious groups.

Somewhat problematic is the reference made by Mogotlane and Ntlangulela (2004) to the difference between circumcision as practiced in the Islamic religion and by Muslims. The authors state that among members of the Islamic religion, circumcision is usually performed between the ages of 5 and 7 years, whereas Muslims perform the ritual between the ages of 4 and 13. Given that the reader finds it difficult to distinguish between members of the Islamic religion and Muslims, this statement in the article may be a typographic or other error. Because the article appears in a peer reviewed journal, this is an important concern which calls into question the reliability of the authors' interpretation of previously published literature.

With respect to the use of previously published materials, the Introduction provided by Mogotlane and Ntlangulela (...

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