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Analysis of a Qualitative Study

Methods may include interviews that are based upon a listing of in-depth questions that are thematic, subject to analysis and verification, and able to be reported in a concise manner.

Generally, Babbie (2004) notes that qualitative research is often associated with some concerns regarding reliability and validity and a degree of subjectivity. Analyzing qualitative data calls for discovering patterns within the data, can involve conversation analysis, coding, memoing, or concept mapping. Qualitative analysis "involves a continual interplay between theory and analysis" (Babbie, 2004, p. 392).

In the present study, the article by Nogotlane and Ntlangulela (2004) consisted of interviews in which conversation analysis took place. This is an ethnomethodological strategy which explored interview results with a number of initiates or young males experiencing ritual circumcision and the traditional attendants who either perform the circumcision or provide after care to initiates. The study meets Babbie's (2004) criteria for conversation analysis or a meticulous analysis of the details of an interview based upon a complete transcript that provides data depth and facilitates analysis via coded units, themes or topics.

Specifically, Mogotlane and Ntlangulela (2004) drew upon interviews as well as statistical data obtained from hospitals in the target region while simul


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