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Egalitarianism Versus Personal Excellence

The Incredibles makes a strong case for honoring each person's unique gifts by acknowledging those gifts and encouraging the individual to develop them. Living under a ˘Superhero's Protection Program,÷ Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and their two children lead ˘normal÷ lives, hiding their superhero powers from suburban neighbors and classmates. Though this allows them to fit in and keeps others from feeling threatened by their superpowers, it causes tensions in their lives. The father, Mr. Incredible, has become portly and bored in his mundane office job and seeks excitement by sneaking out at night to surreptitiously save people from ill fates. His son Dash is frustrated in school because he's not allowed to exercise his super running ability in competitive sports. The sister, Violet, is shy and withdrawn, having no outlet for her invisibilit


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