Iroquois Indian Museum
Young boys would spend their time practicing with the toy bows and arrows, throwing hatchets, and playing at war and hunting. The men of the village frequently occupied their leisure hours with athletics, hatchet throwing, and other amusements that would sharpen the eye, harden the muscle, and preserve the skill of the warrior and hunter. Cruel upon the warpath, he himself expected no quarter if captured and was prepared to suffer with equanimity the same tortures that he had meted out to prisoners in the past.

Where religion and the supernatural are concerned, the Iroquois acknowledged the existence of many supernatural beings. However, they considered there to be two major forces in the universes, the famous "Twin Boys":

Creator, or Upholder of the Skies was the Good Twin, who had brought forth all the good things upon the earththe cultivated plants, rivers, animals and man. The Evil Twin, of Flint, had created the poisonous plants, monstrous animals and all sorts of impediments upon the earth.

The Good Twin would come to be called the "Great Spirit" by the white men.

Where the women of the tribes are concerned, Iroquois women are unique in history for one simple reason: they possessed most of the power within their society. Some cultures allowed women to be a powerful force in their society, but not many. The Iroquois women, however, enjoyed such use of power that they were able t

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