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The Lutwaffe in WWII

Another reason why Goering favored small and medium bombers was that Hitler wanted the largest air force possible in the shortest period of time, and smaller planes could be built more quickly and more cheaply. In 1936, Goering canceled the further development of the two big bombers Germany was then working on and ordered the aircraft industry to concentrate on turning out large numbers of He 111s and Do 17s (The Luftwaffe 19).

Hitler announced a new Germany with his military plans in 1935, at which time he revealed the revival of the Luftwaffe to the world. Within a week, Hitler had repudiated the Versailles Treaty, announcing an army of no less than thirty-six divisions, and reintroducing conscription. The military staff was elated because now it could operate in the open. Hitler later announced the opening of the Air Warfare Academy at Berlin-Gatow. In a speech on that occasion, Wever expressed his view that air war would reach its full development in the future and would do so through the Luftwaffe:

Never forget that the bomber is the decisive factor in aerial warfare. Only the nation with strong bomber forces at its disposal can expect decisive action by its Air Force (Jablonski 13).

Wever died in 1936 and was replaced by Ernest Udet, a better flier than an organizer.

In 1936, the new Luftwaffe found a testing arena for their ideas in Spain, where the forces of Left and Right were battling in the Spanish Civil War. Russia was sending equipment and advisers to the Loyalist side, and General Francisco Franco sent out a signal for aid to the fascist nations. Both Hitler and Mussolini responded. From the Luftwaffe, the Condor Legion under Wolfram von Richtofen followed the technique of close support, showing that Germany's supposedly independent Air Force was here wedded to the ground forces. In 1937, more modern aircraft were dispatched to the Condor Legion, and now the Messerschmitt 109B-2 replaced the He-51...

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