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Information Systems and Strategies

An integral part of the job environment, information systems can affect employees psychologically and physically. A faulty information system, as it produces negative sentiments in an employee, will in turn damage the company├╣ workers who are unhappy under perform. On the other hand, outstanding information systems can have the opposite effect, providing a sense of meaningfulness, autonomy, and stability in the worker.

Thus, the status of an information system can initiate a cycle of productivity or complacency. For this it is of utmost importance to be intimately acquainted with information systems.

4.) Competitive advantage refers to a product's value chain when it generates superior product features; these can include quality, value, service, reputation, availability, name recognition├╣ essentially anything that customers care about a great deal. Companies compete with one another based on their products' value chain; therefore, achieving competitive advantage is of paramount concern. A hotel positioned on the beach would probably be considered to have a natural competitive advantage over a hotel ten blocks inland; higher costs can be justified because of beach access, demand will be high for rooms for the same reason. An advantage of this nature is fixed. Other means for achieving competitive advantage include marketing, superior product design or outstanding customer service. Three strategies for gaining competitive advantage are: cost leadership strategy (providing lower costs than competitors), product differentiation strategy (providing more value than competitors), and focus strategy (selling a product in a restricted market).

5.) Participants in the business process are essentially the people who do the work; they need to know how, what, and when to perform the tasks required of them. It is a cycle of planning, execution, and control. In order for the process to work, the participant must be skilled, int...

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