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The Plumbers illegally broke into and burglarized in September 1971 the office of Ellsberg's psychiatrist, Dr. Lewis Fielding, in an unsuccessful attempt to obtain Ellsberg's file. According to Genovese, "even if the president had not ordered, or even known the specifics of, the break-in . . . Nixon set a tone or a mood, and put great pressure on those around him to 'get Ellsberg.'" (17) Colson later testified that after the release of the Pentagon Papers, "the ground rules began to change" (17). Krogh called it the 'seminal event' of the Nixon administration (18).

According to Garment, "Watergate had its origins in the preelection season of 1972" (192). The 1970 Congressional and gubernatorial elections were a setback for the Republicans. In March 1971 the Committee to Reelect the President (CRP or CREEP) was set up as a campaign organization separate from the Republican National Committee. According to Kutler, the expanded transcripts of the Nixon tape recordings of conversations in the Oval Office which were released in 1996 "reveal President Nixon's insatiable desire for more information, more intelligence about his political foes" (Abuse xx). Small said "Nixon stepped up his intelligence campaigns against possible Democratic rivals for 1972" (250). Colson used a former New York policeman John Caulfield and private investigator Tony Ulasewicz to dig up dirt on Ted Kennedy relating to the July 1969 Chappaquiddick incident. Hunt forged State Department cables to fake John Kennedy's complicity in the murder of Ngo Diem in 1963. In parallel, Colson and White House Counsel John Dean came up with a list of Nixon's political enemies. Nixon put pressure on the Internal Revenue Service to audit a number of his liberal opponents. Genovese said "the Nixon administration made government into an instrument of revenge and retaliation" (25).

According to Small, "CREEP engaged in a well-orchestrated campaign of 'dirty tricks' the likes of wh...

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