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nurse-client relationship

Patients were tested using the HCI, an instrument designed to measure the holistic, humanistic, caring component of the health care provider-patient interaction. Four dimensions of nursing care were identified through factor analysis: physical caring; interpretive caring, which assists patients in discussing and interpreting their feelings; spiritual caring, which focuses on the spiritual needs of the patient; and sensitive caring, which is sensitivity to the individual's feelings and needs.

The patients in this study were not very happy with their nursing care (Williams, 1997, 20). Patients rated interpretive and spiritual caring the lowest, and sensitive and physical caring highest. Sensitive caring was the best predictor of patient satisfaction. This suggests that barriers to a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship include a lack of sensitivity, a lack of physical caring, a lack of interpretive caring, a lack of spiritual caring, and also a lack of establishing a trusting relationship with the patient. If the nurses had established a trusting relationship with their patients to begin with, their other needs would have been met.

3. According to the American Holistic Nursing Association, nursing is a lifestyle and a profession that provides a means to create bonds within the nursing community (AHNA, 2004). It believes that healing comes from within and that nurses must first heal themselves before they can facilitate healing in others. The philosophy of the AHNA is that nursing is an art/science with the primary purpose of nurturing others towards the wholeness inherent within them. Holistic nurses demonstrate expertise in a number of roles and activities which assist people to assume personal responsibility for self-care. Disease and distress are viewed as an opportunity for increased awareness of the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. Holistic modalities and therapies provide support and options for hea...

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