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Nurses and Patients

It helps to get an idea of how much the patient knows about their medical problems before approaching them with information regarding their care.

2. Williams conducted a study of 94 hospitalized medical patients at two rural hospitals in the southeastern United States to determine patients' feelings and satisfaction with holistic nursing care (Williams, 1997, 15-29). All the patients were over age 18 and being prepared for, or recovering from, an extremely invasive procedure (17). Patients were tested using the HCI, an instrument designed to measure the holistic, humanistic, caring component of the health care provider-patient interaction. Four dimensions of nursing care were identified through factor analysis: physical caring; interpretive caring, which assists patients in discussing and interpreting their feelings; spiritual caring, which focuses on the spiritual needs of the patient; and sensitive caring, which is sensitivity to the individual's feelings and needs.

The patients in this study were not very happy with their nursing care (Williams, 1997, 20). Patients rated interpretive and spiritual caring the lowest, and sensitive and physical caring highest. Sensitive caring was the best predictor of patient satisfaction. This suggests that barriers to a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship include a lack of sensitivity, a lack of


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