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Email Training Program

In addition to e-mail, users may control the sending, receiving, and saving for later retrieval of faxes, messages, voice mail. Two-way interactive messaging is a form of so-called wireless communication. Communication links are accomplished via two-way paging networks, such as MCI and Skytel, and require message management software and hardware (Brown, 1999).

There is a learning curve associated with optimal use of two-way interactive messaging units. Accordingly, the first training objective is to educate field supervisors in efficient technical use of the units in one half-day session designed for that purpose. This will be reinforced by a written manual that reviews subjects covered in the training. If additional hands-on training is required, additional sessions will be scheduled, so as to assure that all users of the equipment are proficient with it. Additional objectives of training include educating users in e-mail etiquette, concise writing style, and security of transmissions, as well as the need to save e-mail messages for offline retrieval so that hard-copy backups of the messages may be put into office files (Frings, 1999).

Training in the psychological features of e-mail messaging is an important objective. Users must not concentrate so much on the computer commands that they focus "on the process of sending the message while ignoring its impact on the receiver" (Sussman, Golden, & Beauclair, 1991, p. 70). Thus in add


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