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Email Training Program

70). Thus in addition to technical training in equipment use, the training must make two-way pager users conscious of how their e-mail messages might be interpreted by recipients.

Implementation of the training program should take place in hands-on training sessions conducted by hardware and/or software experts in the equipment. Equipment vendors may provide or recommend appropriate personnel for that purpose. Trainers should be completely familiar with the technical features of the electronic units and should be able to answer all questions associated with proper operation of the two-way pager equipment.

Not only field supervisors but also in-house personnel should be included in the training. That is because all personnel who may be communicating with people in the field should know how to send messages appropriately.

Training sessions will cover all of the following issues: when to use e-mail; how messages should be formatted for ease of reading (e.g., keeping them short and to the point, not using all caps or long paragraphs); how to attach word processing or other files to an e-mail message; appropriate length of messages; the level of confidentiality; who will receive copies; when e-mail forwarding of messages is appropriate or inappropriate; the need for follow-up, based on the content of a message; hard copy creation and retention; and how and where to save electronic copies.

Some of the issues to be covered by training are applicable to general e-mail etiquette. But such issues as confidentiality, copying, and so on are also connected to organizational policy. Accordingly, training sessions will be reinforced by the creation of an e-mail manual that explains the technical use of the equipment, that reviews guidelines for using e-mail that relate to the psychology of e-mail messaging, and that articulates organizational policy with respect to employees' use of e-mail. For example, the manual should make clear that perso...

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