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Reform on Coke Manufacturing Process

However, since the company has already pursued this course, it may want to downplay this approach since additional resources dedicated to this unlikely outcome may be better spent on alternatives which have better probabilities of success. Nonetheless, the company should be fully prepared at the adjudication hearing to present its history of pollution abatement policies and offer solid evidence of the company's dedication to reducing pollution in its operations.

Armco can try to have the EPA modify its position on acceptable emissions from 60 micrograms to 75 micrograms. As with the previous alternative, the company must have strong research to support its position that the 60 micrograms is an unreasonable expectation. By presenting evidence showing that the company is willing to work with the EPA to reduce emissions, but also demonstrating that the company seeks a realistic goal in this regard, Armco can help maintain its stance as an aggressive company when it comes to pollution.

Armco could choose to build a new plant which would meet the 75 microgram goal, use state of the art technology, and which might be available by the EPA's deadline. Such a move would require substantial investment by the company, but it might be able to work with the community to obtain tax relief since this alternative would keep jobs in the area and would help maintain the local economy. This strategy also has long-term appeal in that it would upgrade Armco's facilities from the 1920s to the 1970s and would make the company more competitive in the international market.

Armco can also tie the variance request up in the courts for several years, and possibly gain the time extension it needs in order to make modifications to the plant in question. This alternative has several disadvantages associated with it, the first being the public relations nightmare that it would entail, and the possibly feeling of betrayal that would be passed to its emplo...

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