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As a result, time management is essential. This is true at both the individual and organizational level. I learned to read and write more rapidly than I thought was possible, skimming documents for key items, and writing as I read. On the organizational level, the key to successful operation is organizing every worker's task for maximum efficiency.

Another lesson is the importance of a broad knowledge base in broadcast news. Particularly in international news, it is crucial to understand the context of a news item, or (for example) a statement made in a press conference or interview. Specific facts can be checked, but you have to understand the broad picture in order to know what to check and where to check it.

Several courses in the Public Policy program proved to be important in providing the tools needed to perform my job. MPP 603, Applied Research Method in Public Policy, supplied basic skills that were constantly required in evaluating statistical documentation that crossed the news desk. Documents of interest to NHK and its viewers ranged from the Bush Administration's budget proposals to political survey data to sociological studies of American life and culture that had to be interpreted and explained to the Japanese viewing audience.

A solid grounding in the language of statistical research, and its meanings, was essential in working with these documents. In its role as broadca


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