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Leadership and Educational Leadership

Therefore, it will be difficult to implement them on a widespread basis without various incentives.

Nonetheless, based on the discussion of the positive outcomes, it is also clear that the team building is an essential concept for school principals. Considering the complexity and the diversity of their tasks, principals should not try to take on the running of the schools on their own. Rather, they should enlist the aid of the teachers, parents, the community and the school district office. The successful collaborations between the dhfferent stakeholders will require team building. In spite of the difficulties, the examples provided by the authors in the three publications demonstrate that these strategies can be implemented in the school setting.

With regard to stress management, articles from the three different resources offered disparate perspectives. In their article published in Leadership, Bloom, Castagna and Warren (2003) proposed the hiring of experts to offer leadership coaching to principals, as a means of helping principals to deal with the stressors of the workplace. Because they are specialized in leadership training, these experts are well-versed with different strategies to help principals cope with their leadership demands efficiently and effectively, thus lessening the level of their stress. On the negative side, the hiring of experts for one-on-one sessions with principals can be extremely expensive for the school districts that are already affected by funding.

Utilizing a slightly different approach to address the issue of stress management in her article published in Educational Leadership, Cherniss (1998) identified the qualities of emotional intelligence in school principals, which enable them to manage the stress effectively. Supporting her discussion with profiles of school principals who manage stress effectively, Cherniss (1998) explained how principals who are open to dealing with chal...

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