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The Cable Channels Competition with the Networks

CNN now has strong competition from Fox News Network, which has moved ahead in number of viewers, especially those of greatest value to advertisers, the 25-54 year old viewers. Fox has a daily average of "654,000 viewers (compared to CNN with) 595,000" (Poniewozik, 2002, p. 65).

There is half-hour programming of news, as well as detailed coverage on a separate cable channel for each of the cable networks. As the cable news networks expand, both with their points of view (CNN seemingly more left-of-center than Fox) the daily viewer totals of network news is diminishing which is causing some retrenchment in expenditures and news bureaus in order to hold down network expenses, while cable networks seem to have alliances with overseas as well as local programmers and advertisers to maintain financial leverage.

Network News- its peak and slow decline

Following World War II and the transition from radio news to television news, CBS maintained the highest levels with its Edward R. Murrow-staffed personalities- Eric Sevareid, Charles Collingwood, Douglas Edwards, and then Walter Cronkite, who maintained the greatest "trust" of American viewers. CBS' decline is measured from Cronkite's retirement, and NBC with its Huntley-Brinkley team became the news leader in evening news time. For some years following the breakup of this team, the three networks paraded a number of personalities to anchor their evening news programs- Dan Ra


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