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Solution-Focused Therapy and Narrative Therapy

By working in these settings, I will then have the opportunity of working with other experts in this field and obtaining access to resources, which can be invested in the study of the application of narrative therapy to various clinical populations. If I can prove that narrative therapy can be used effectively in these large organizational settings, then it will gain legitimacy and be widely used as a viable alternative to traditional approaches.

Therefore, in order to achieve my ultimate career goal, I will work hard on my studies, obtain my Ph.D. degree from Nova, complete my residency requirements and take the licensure exam. Throughout this process, I intend to hone my knowledge in the therapeutic approaches and cultivate my interaction skills in practice sessions. By applying myself rigorously, I will fulfill all the stringent requirements in my journey to realizing my career goals of helping troubled children from families in crisis and advancing the frontiers of knowledge in the field of marriage and family therapy.


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