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Needs for Parental Involvement in School

Trotman (2001) further noted that the Goals 2000 support the goal of parent involvement. The Educate America Act includes legislation that strengthens parent-school-community partnerships and increases parent involvement in learning.

Osborne and de Onis (1999) reported that the National Parent Teacher Association along with education and parent involvement professionals though the National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education developed the National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs. These standards include the following (p. 14):

Standard V: School Decision Making and Advocacy

Standard VI: Collaborating with Community (p. 14).

These standards are to be applied in each school district. The standards demand that school boards accept parent and family involvement and work with school administrators to develop a plan that promotes and monitors this parent involvement. This participation must include multiple options and activities. The activities may vary but there must be a set of goals for implementation and evaluation. The school board is the gatekeeper of this involvement and parents are to be represented at board meetings. The board must ensure


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