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Rights of Animals

Confining animals in zoos would have to be evaluated to determine whether limiting the freedom of an animal(even though excellent care would otherwise be provided(should be illegal. Certainly the use of animals in medical testing would be drastically changed or prohibited. Even fishing could be affected, since animal rights activists are against all forms of killing.

And herein lies the greatest problem with animal rights legislation: extremists take animal rights too far. A news story about a man who had shot a boa constrictor to free his young son from its death grip illustrates this perfectly. The man was criticized by animal rights activists for not trying to free his son more humanely. Activists asked him if he had tried prying his son loose before shooting the snake. Animal rights activism has become virtually synonymous with extremism, which is a much greater hindrance than a help in trying to provide justice for animals. Besides annoying those who might otherwise be supportive, it provides justification for those who oppose animal rights legislation as being ludicrous or out of line.

In conclusion, although animals do have some legal rights, most are ethical rights. It should be our mandate for the future to develop legislation that supports the humane and ethical treatment of animals without elevating animal rights above our own.

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