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Understanding Woman In Sports

Many schools have been unable to meet the challenge of increasing opportunities for female athletes without sacrificing opportunities for male athletes because of budget restraints. In order to comply with Title IX, the athletic directors of many universities have abandoned male athletic programs like wrestling to increase opportunities and budgets for female athletic programs. However, this kind of mentality pits males against females as if the two are unable to coexist. Lopiano puts the lie to such an attitude when she describes how simple it would be for athletic directors to satisfy the requirements of Title IX without limiting opportunities for male athletes:

If athletic budgets do not increase and schools want to maintain current levels of participation for male athletes and increase participation levels of female athletes, the solution is to give all teams a smaller portion of the budget pie (1176).

One of the reasons this attitude and action are not adopted by many colleges is because of the fact that many athletic directors and colleges are unwilling to reduce budgets for big time football and basketball programs for males to increase opportunities for females. However, this decision is just as much from the influence of economics (male sports pay off; female sports do not) as it is from traditional stereotypes about male and female involvement in sports.

One can see that these articles add to a greater understanding of female participation in sports and its impact on both males and females. However, it also clearly exposes the connection between economics, legislation, the media, and the power of the status quo in forming mainstream values and attitudes. So, too, such elements influence the psyche of women who participate in sports as much as they underlie the perception of different roles for women and men. Only when such influences work to promote a true level playing field in sports will female participati...

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