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Woman In Sports

Such male-biased models of sport posit women in a dilemma based on gender bias and traditional views of the different roles between women and men. As Chandler writes:

When female athletes were able to attract media attention, they had of necessity to work within the model of sport designed by and for males. Yet females had at the same time to demonstrate that they had lost none of the feminine qualities that would make them attractive mates and mothers (711).

Female athletes also ascribe different reasons for participation in sports than do males. Boys tend to participate in sports for reasons like competition, team membership, skill improvement, demonstration of competence and fun, (Ballinger 907). Girls, in contrast, participate in sports to have fun and be a team member, but they also participate to improve their appearance and control their weight (Ballinger 907). Such motivations make female athletes susceptible to a variety of eating disorders and health problems. They often starve themselves while expending additional energy on athletics in order to attain some media portrayal or male ideal of feminine appearance. Such motives can be dangerous.

Ballinger argues that another danger lurks when female athletes move from the amateur to the professional realm of sports. Such a transition also posits women into the male model of sports. In other words, women must


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