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Religion in Brave New World

The people in Brave New World use the name Ford as we today use the name God. So the Director shouts ˘Oh, Ford!÷ when he wakes the children (Huxley, 20) and refers to the Controller as ˘his fordship, Mustapha Mond÷ (Huxley, 23). Time is even measured as A.F., or ˘After Ford,÷ just as we measure years with B.C. (Before Christ) and A.D. (Anno Domini or ˘the year of our Lord÷). The people are also scheduled to attend Solidarity Services every two weeks at which they make ˘the sign of the T÷ (Huxley, 60-62).

The Solidarity Services are a form of religious mass for the people of the State. They make absolutely clear that Huxley is trying to show the perversion of religion that would occur in a society in which individuality is evil and submission to the State is the religion. At BernardĂs Solidarity Service the people chant ˘I drink to my annihilation÷ as they take the drug soma (Huxley, 62). They are completely submitting themselves to their roles in the State as they sing ˘Ford, we are twelve; oh, make us one, Like drops within the Social River; Oh, make us now together run As swiftly as they shining Flivver÷ (Huxley, 63). Just as people today sign hymns in Church submitting themselves to GodĂs will, so the people of the State are submitting themselves to the StateĂs will. The soma and the music lets them reach a form of religious fervor tha


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