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The Elements of Sovereignty Impacted by the European Union

Anonymous. "Back to the Future." Legal Issues of Economic

Integration, Spring 2005, 32 (1), pp. 1û2.

This article briefly summarizes some of the overarching issues that must be confronted if meaningful EU integration is to occur. It underscores the difficulties that States must overcome in ceding authority to an external actor.

Anonymous. "The EUROZONE." Wikipedia. 2005. Available at

This basic encyclopedia entry on the EU identifies all of the key elements that constitute the EU governance mechanisms. It describes the history of ED development over time from its beginnings. The entry also presents data on Members, their date of accession and their economic situation.

Chari, Raj S. and Cavatorta, Francesco. "Economic Actors'

Political Activity in 'Overlap Issues:' Privatisation and

EU State Aid Control." West European Politics, October

This insightful article focuses on how Members of the EU are confronting demands for privatization of state-owned enterprises (including transport and utility companies) presents a wealth of data on a complex issue. It suggests that Members of the EU will need to cede regulatory authority to the EU if integration is to proceed as desired. The issue is troubling to many EU Members, who want the advantages of membership and still want to retain regulatory oversight of internal matters.

Hylarides, Peter C. "Europe and the New Constitution."

Contemporary Review, November 2004, 285(666), pp. 269-

Hylarides suggests in this article that the adoption of the new EU Constitution has been difficult because it requires that Members cede authority in key political and economic areas to the EU governance institutions. The key elements of the Constitution impacting upon state sovereignty are described.

Hylarides, Peter C. "Voters in the Netherlands Defy the

European Constitution." Contemporary Review, August

Hylarides identifies refusal of the Dutch to accept many provi...

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