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Narration of Personal Experiences

All in all, the wedding could only be described as a disaster. What a wedding it turned out to be. We all hoped our weddings would be as memorable and half as much fun.

Comparison/Contrast Essay: Target Audience - family

Multi-generational families have their advantages and disadvantages. Living so close to my parents after I was married turned out to be of great benefit on some occasions and of not so great a benefit on other occasions. Privacy is difficult to maintain when parents and children live in close proximity, attend the same church, and see each other often at regular family gatherings.

I was the oldest girl and had always been very close to my parents. As I grew older, I assumed many of the household duties and watched my younger sisters until they came home from work. I was the last child in the family to be married. My older brother and two younger sisters were married and had children while I was still single. I was in no hurry to be married. I was enjoying my freedom. My mother made no effort to hide her concern that I may not find a husband. She was not at all impressed by my efforts to pursue a career rather than marriage.

I met my husband at church. He also worked at one of the military bases in the area. We dated for more than a year before he asked me to marry him. We took our time to get to know each other. We were both concerned that we were right for each other and that our marriage would endure over time and through life's difficulties.

My parents approved of my spouse and considered him a good "catch" for me. I had never been as pretty or outgoing as my sisters. In high school and college, I rarely dated. My mother kept telling me how lucky I was. I may not have been as pretty as my sisters in high school, but now, compared to them, I was more attractive. Well groomed and poised, I looked younger than my age. The strain of poor health habits, caring for children, ...

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