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Applying Ethical Principles

Coercion is not the way to limit abortions and cannot substitute for the development of an ethical sense.

My own ethics have been developed over my lifetime in response to learning about the world in which I live, learning about myself and my own concerns for myself and for other people, and a consideration of the ethical positions and systems offered by other people to justify their own actions and to classify the actions of others. I find that I have developed a belief in the rights of the individual against external coercion whether from government or some interest group that wishes to impose a moral and ethical sense or rules and regulations on individuals against their will. We live in a society and so must conform to certain norms of behavior, but as long as we are not harming other people by our actions, we should have the choice of making our own decisions. It seems to me that this is the basic principle on which American society was founded, but unfortunately that principle was not met by those who set us on this path in the first place. Women and minorities were excluded from full participation in American society from the beginning. We have come far toward correcting these errors in the two centuries since, but there seem to be more and more groups and individuals intent on turning us back to that earlier time, as if there were a social value in living up to the ethical principles of the 1790s i


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