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The Application of Ethical Principles

I would call my principles today libertarian for the most part, meaning a belief that government should leave us to our freedoms and should not over-regulate or over-control. Yet, some measure of control is essential in a society as beset with problems as our own. The recent debate on and passage of the Brady bill in Congress is a case in point, and the extremely modest waiting period involved in this bill engendered considerable opposition from the usual gun lobby people, always eager to protect their own rights at the expense of others. The debate over gun control in America involves beliefs about the meaning of the Second Amendment, the precise meaning of "control," fears of gun confiscation, and other questions about gun ownership, the use of guns to commit crimes, the number of deaths attributable to guns each year, and so on. For those who propose or support gun control in some form, the issues may shift from time to time, with some groups seeing one aspect of the problem as more important and others emphasizing some other aspect. Opposition to gun control is often spearheaded by one organization, the National Rifle Association, and as a rule the issues never change for that group or its members. The NRA has a long record of absolute opposition to any form of gun control, a record broken only recently and only in order to forestall even greater gun control than was being proposed. The future course of the NRA is seen by many as evolving toward greater internal conflict between those who see some compromise as necessary and hardliners who will not compromise at all on gun control. Some of the hardliners have formed a coalition within the NRA called the Firearm Coalition to fight for a stronger anti-control stand by the organization (Newton 100-102).

My own view is that absolutist positions such as are taken by the NRA lead to problems over time. Guns control in some degree is essential in a society as awash in guns as ...

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