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The Organizational Theorists

It is the intention of the HR department to ensure that the firm is a 'learning organization.'

The key benefit of human resources management is that it greatly enables the concept of 'expediting" which is just another way of saying making activities happen more quickly. This happens because it focuses on people rather than individual philosophies. HR Management deliberately reduces the detail planners deal with.

A good HR program and rational HR policies can expedite a process that is most effective within a service delivery business, since such products and services have manufacturing or delivery characteristics in common. Therefore, HR planning and its ability to expedite production flow are natural additions to the strategic planning mix.

Aggregate planning, as a subset of HR planning, opens channels of communication between top management and manufacturing. The production plan summarizes the production resources that are needed to achieve the strategic objectives of the firm. The objectives of HR Production Planning are (a) determining production quotas during each time period in the intermediate time chart, and (b) adjusting employment capacity to meet the production requirements (Zhiwei, Cernich, Meredith, Lanier, 1997). The HR manager has several options available to him or her for making these capacity adjustments:

(a) The work force can be expanded by hiring more temporary workers

(b) The length of the workweek can be expanded by working Saturdays and Sundays.

(c) The number of shifts worked can be expanded into two, or around the clock particularly in some word processing preparation functions.

It is the plan of the HR program to utilize aggregate production techniques to maintain schedules of a master production schedule utilizing two separate formulas for determination. One is the ratio of the number of units produced in each given time period. This is a standard billing practice in pro...

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