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HR Design for a Hypothetical Firm

Production capacity may be adjusted by hiring, firing, layoffs, overtime, subcontracting, and short term leases of employees when workload requires (Daniels & Burns, 1997).

Zweig (1991) postulates that "Training is a systematic process of changing behavior or attitudes of employees to improve the organization's effectiveness. It is usually accomplished by providing learning experiences or educational opportunities to staff members"(Zweig, 1991, 158).

It is essential that the HR organization of our new firm have both the ability and the budget to conduct training. The training will be considered essential for all levels of employee, up to and including the partners, since the concept of training also includes practice in using and adopting analytical skills of establishing strategy. The sort of program for training that the HR department will adopt initially is that of "medium term capacity planning" that typically encompasses a specific time scale and lies between long range planning and short range planning (Zhiwei, Cernich, Meredith, Lanier, 1997). It is the intention of the HR department to ensure that the firm is a ˘learning organization.÷

The key benefit of human resources management is that it greatly enables the concept of ˘expediting" which is just another way of saying making activities happen more qu


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