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Self Awareness and Leadership

Moreover, it helps me determine how I can relate to them and speak to them "in their language" so that I can effectively motivate them to pursue their and the company's goals.

Although I consider myself overall an effective leader, I have also identified one major weakness. I tend miss opportunities to delegate work, as I am trying not to overburden my subordinates. I have also observed that besides not wanting to overburden others, I sometimes assume that I am the only person who is capable of doing a particular job and hence I am unwilling to delegate. It lies in the nature of being a leader that certain tasks and decision can only be made by the leader, as this is part of the justification of being a leader in the first place. However, others, I have found, could very well execute certain tasks, and letting go of them would give me a chance to focus on more important tasks.

My approach to relationship building very much relies on my communication skills and networking. I seek every opportunity to network with colleagues and thus set up a wide-ranging network of business relations. With regard to students and subordinates, I rely on personal communication, which allows me to get to know people. One example would be that every new employee and every new student is required to see me for an extended conversations about their expectations, goals, and concerns. I usually have students come in during office hours and I make sure I have at least thirty minutes to talk to them. I take notes of what they say and make sure I remember their names. I usually take out new employees for an informal lunch, and use the time to get to know them better. I think that listening to people and acknowledging who they are and what they want creates trust and motivation. I do not want to be an authoritarian professor or leader but rather someone who acts as a facilitator in achieving goals. My primary objective in relationship building is to commu...

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