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Hip-hop\'s Portrayal of Black Women

What the hesitation comes down to is the bottom line. Other hip-hop artists are afraid to lose fans, money, or respect by speaking out against other artists who are capitalizing off the sexism (8). Even other women fail to defend themselves. For instance, the artist Eve, associates and conforms to the male perspective in the genre, going as far as to make an appearance in the Sporty thieves video "Pigeons" taking sides with the men to belittle other women (12).

The author calls for action, by urging women and men to view attacks on black women, as attacks on the community as a whole. She appeals to logic regarding women's objectification and villianization by pointing out that black women are not the reason behind black men's experiences with poverty, racism, and oppression (16). Further, McLune states that by objectifying women, they are being dehumanized and that in order to serve the community as a whole, hip-hop would need to drastically change (20).

McLune proposes a passionate and logical argument as to why hip-hop has allowed for the objectification or women based on financial gain and socio-economic trivialization. Her rhetoric appealed to logos, offering the reality about why the industry supports the negative imagery for financial gain, and pathos, by showing how degrading women is what perpetuates the oppression of the community as a whole. The writer has a tendency for hasty generalizations by focusing on only one of the female hip-hop artists versus exploring the view from others such as Queen Latifah or Nicki Minaj. Additionally, Mclune tends to rely strongly on emotionally charged language, leading the reader to a viewpoint through an overly emotional method. She also neglects really delving into the hip-hop community as a


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