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Peace in Ghana, Nigeria, and Liberia

However, as the discussion in the previous chapter has also shown, structural violence and neo-patrimonial systems continue to be a significant problem in Ghana and one that makes the presence of positive peace in Ghana rather questionable.

A recent IMF working paper (Dagher, Gottschalk, Portillo, 2010, p. 32) points out that Ghana is on the verge of becoming an oil producing country. Recent discoveries of substantial off-shore oil reservoirs will lead, as the paper suggests to a significant windfall from oil for the Ghanaian government. The paper analyzes potential economic and political consequences of the increased fiscal revenue from oil production and oil export. The authors come to the conclusion that although revenue from natural resources can produce economic growth and contribute to increased standard of living for the citizens of Ghana, this fiscal windfall also bears a number of potential dangers.

For one, the increased revenue from oil export could leader to neo-mercantilist behavior, especially if the Ghanaian government hoards foreign currency reserves (Dagher et al., 2010, p.33). Moreover, the paper's authors point out that "the country would be capable, from an institutional point of view, of absorbing relatively large increases in public investment. In practice, limitations in implementation capacity could result in a smaller accumulation of public capital" (Dagher, 2010, p.35). In other words, the authors conclude that Ghana and the Ghanaian society could benefit from the oil windfall, if the revenue was invested in public capital, i.e. infrastructure, schools, etc. However, in practice there is a significant danger that the fiscal revenue due to "limitations in implementation capacity" will not contribute to either economic growth or increases in standard of living/social justice.

The author of another IMF working paper (Aydin, 2011) comes to a somewhat more encouraging conclusion about ...

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