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The Defense of Pearl Harbor

S. officials and military leaders for significant increases in aircraft bombers and other weapons and personnel in Oahu. Despite this peacetime preparedness, the extensive reinforces at Oahu prior to WWII would not prove sufficient. By December 7, 1941, the Army and Navy defenses of Oahu were not prepared "to detect the approach of a carrier attack or to cope with an air attack as powerful as that launched by the Japanese."[7] The attack on Pearl Harbor brought America abruptly into World War II. The outcome of this unprecedented American military failure significantly altered the structure and strategy of the defense of Oahu in a manner that gave priority to the Navy and its aircraft carriers.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor - sparing U.S. aircraft carriers at sea that day - views on a unified command changed as did the situation in Oahu. Martial law was declared and for a temporary time the Army remained in control of the island and defense. Top U.S. officials, including President Franklin D. Roosevelt, also saw the need for a leadership and structural change in the defense of Oahu. To this end Admiral Pye was replaced by Admiral Chester Nimitz, named Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific.[8] All top Army and Navy commanders were replaced and all Army forces were put under Nimitz' control. While Admiral Pye did not view unified command as necessary, his successor and U.S. officials did in the wake of seeing this as one reason for the outcome of Pearl Harbor.

In addition to the change of leaders, the Navy also assumed command of War operations and strategy in the defense of Oahu significantly altered. Aircraft carriers and Army and Navy bombers were combined to engage in "long-range reconnaissance."[9] This operation called for a daily search by 46 planes (among them Navy PBY's), but though superior to defensive strategies employed before WWII, low visibility made one-fifth of the circle surrounding the is...

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