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"No'm," he replied sadly. I went back to the orphanage the day after I tuck him there, and nobody would let me see 'im. I went back day after day, but they never. The last time I laid eyes on him was April 24, 1949, and he was only three days old.

Carswell turned to him abruptly. "1949, you say? What orphanage?" Albert scratched his head. "Mary's...Marion...." Carswell's eyes opened wide. "Marion Ashwood Orphanage?" he asked. Albert nodded, "Yeah, that's it." Carswell was now pale. "April 24?" Albert nodded again. Carswell stopped and turned full-face to Albert. "I was left at Marion Ashwood on April 24, 1949. I was three days old." Albert gave him a stunned look, and then pulled up Carswell's cuff. There on his forearm was a birthmark only a father would know about.


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