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Asperger syndrome

An extensive review of the literature was conducted in order to discover what avenues have been pursued in the past. The authors hypothesized that the independent variables of treadmill walking would result in an increase in the dependent variable of academic achievement. For the purposes of the current research expected outcomes for the treatment of exercise is an overall improvement in academic achievement. That increase is hypothesized to be larger in the experimental therapy treatment groups than the control groups.

Early research has been conducted on the subject. Pitetti et al. (1999) aimed at examining the efficacy of a 9-month treadmill walking program into the weekly academic curriculum of youth with autism and those with developmental disabilities. The researchers defined efficacy as progress in treadmill walking frequency, speed, elevation, monthly calories expended and a reduction in body mass index (BMI). Participants were ten adolescents or young adults with a confirmed DSM-IV-Text Revised diagnosis of autism.

The experimental group received one treatment: exercise therapy (treadmill walking). The control group was age-matched by mean age of the experimental group. Both experimental and control groups were selected for no prior health conditions. All participants were trained to walk unassisted prior to the start of the study.

The control group was required to complete 30 minutes of leisure activity 3-times per week at a campus gymnasium. All activities were supervised. In the experimental group the 30-minutes allotted time consisted of treadmill walking. Pitetti et al. (1999) found a significant decrease in BMI for the treadmill group, and no significant changes were observed in the control group. The researchers observed a moderate effect size and reliability.

Previous research has been conducted on the comparative effects of exercise on the academic achievement of children with Asperger disorder...

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