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Language Development Theories

I have seen this process in action by observing by the growth of my neighbor's daughter, who is now three years old. The girl learned her first words by imitating her parents. She learned further words and phrases because her parents encouraged and praised her every time she spoke. I have especially had many opportunities to observe the role of the mother in the child's language development. When the girl was developing her vocabulary, her mother frequently asked her questions so that she could practice her communication skills. The mother would ask things like "where's the dolly?," "what's that?," "do you see the bird?," etc. Whenever the child made a mistake, the mother would gently correct her. Whenever the child gave the correct answer, the mother would praise her and exclaim, "that's right!" I also noticed that the mother spent a great deal of time reading to the child from picture books. These readings gave the child further opportunities to practice her use of language skills. Thus, although language development has a "nature" aspect to it, the interactions between my neighbor and her daughter showed me that language development is also "nurtured" to a large degree.


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