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Case study: Therapy for Jeff and Roger

Moreover, the genogram allows the therapist to visualize the "quality" of each relationship. More precisely, different colored lines and different "shaped lines" (such as zigzag, or dotted lines) represent intensity and quality of feelings (love, hate, manipulative, abusive, etc.). The genogram allows to define physical and emotional boundaries among family members, which helps to choose appropriate interventions to bring the family system back to balance.

However, this tool also has some limitations that should be mentioned. For example, although it is very likely that Roger's mother and Sherry would be included in the genogram, as they are part of the family unit, it is not clear whether or not both would be willing to participate in therapy. If Sherry and Roger's mother refuse to take part in the therapy and the assessment of family history by means of a genogram, their emotional relations to either Jeff or Roger would be missing from the genogram. In this sense, the genogram does have some limitations and this might be considered a disadvantage.

The positive results that might occur by using this tool are that the therapist but also Jeff and Roger might get a clearer understanding of the quality of their emotions towards each other. Furthermore, the fact that the family has a family history of bipolar disorder might shed some light on Roger's behavior in the recent past. It might help Jeff to understand that his son does not suffer from lack of work ethic but that he might have a mental disorder and is thus in need of treatment but also understanding. Furthermore, the genogram would show that because of the family history of bipolar disorder, Roger is at an increased risk of self medicating/drug use to ease the symptoms of his disorder. Overall, one can expect that with the guidance of the therapist, the genogram will contribute to a better understanding of the family system, possible genetic predispositions for...

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