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Pain in Cancer Patients 5415
Pain Measurement Scales 792
Painful Diabetic Neuropathy 1265
Palliation of a terminally ill patient's symptoms 1547
Paper on Mandatory Testing for AIDS 3502
Parasitic Diseases 1328
Parkinson's Disease is a Neurological Disorder 1695
Partial and Total Vision Loss 949
Parts of the Ear and their Functions 1508
Passive Head-Turning 777
Passive Smokers... Watch Out! 2726
Pathophysiology 7880
Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Disorders 1427
Pathophysiology of erectile dysfunction 916
Patient Care & Managed Care 2723
Patient Healthcare Cost Issues 1224
Patient Records 3231
Patient Services Director And Nurse Practition 2709
Patient's Medical Information 510
Patients with Alzheimer's Disease 1140
Patients with Liver Disease 2606
Patients with Respiratory Problems 1483
Patients' Rights and Health Care Reform 612
Paul Monette " Borrowed Time " 1422
Pediatrics and Medical Informatics Publications 8445
Pelvic Infections 2538
Pender's Health Promotion Model 3920
People Using Hallucinogens 1743
Peplau's Theory of Psychodynamic Nursing 1490
Performance Enhancer Energy Drinks for Athletes 2596
Performance Enhancing Drug Use 1840
Performance Enhancing Drugs for Athletes 1688
Performance-Enhancing Drugs 1258
Personal Philosophy of Nursing in Relation to Basic Assumptions 1079
Ph.D. Program in Health Policy and Administration (HPA) 1176
Pharmacist as a Definite Profession 1632
Pharmacist's Legal and Ethical 1543
Phencyclidine is the Anesthetic Used for Surgery 658
Phenomenon on Litigation Involving Health Care Providers 9433
Philadelphia Neighborhood 1373
Philosophy of Nursing 1928
PHO as a Legal Organization 921
Phonological Disorders in Cleft Palate 1886
Photopigment Genes in Vision 2099
Physician-Assisted Suicide & Euthanasia Issues 3100
Physician-Sponsored Network (PSN) 2670
Physicians & Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives 1254
Physicians Preference in Sales Reps 1719
Physicians' Needs for Aged Patients 1537
Physiological Phenomena 1747
Physiology of pain 6425
Plan for Ensenada, Mexico 1324
Plan to Remedy Nursing Shortage 1371
Planned Parenthood & Problem of STDs 2236
Planned Parenthood Federation of America 1351
Plans for having Good and Efficient Services in Nursing Home 1202
Plastic surgery to Improve Physical Function 2269
Playing God, Carefully by Thomas W. Clark 2045
Pneumatosis Intestinalis Is Not a Disease But a Symptom 2758
Pneumonia Acquired in United States Commuinty 1745
Policy Reforms in the Current Medicaid 2267
Polio in the U.S. 5079
Polycystic Ovarian Disease 285
Poor Hand Hygiene in Hospital Settings 1421
Population Control Agenda 560
Posotive & Negative Views of Abortion 1278
Possible Influences of Managed Care in Predoctoral Psychology 1673
Postural Control Mechanisms in the Elderly 528
Potentials and Impulse Propagation 1002
Power Of Six Sigma In Hospital & Healthcare Management 1288
Practitioner Role in ER 7565
Pre-Term Newborns and Full-Term Newborns Differences 1718
Precautions Measurements to Health Care Provider against AIDS 2292
Preconception Care 1186
Predictors of successful treatment Procedure 858
Prehab of Arizona 889
Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol 684
Prenatal Screening for HIV 1916
Pressure Ulcers from an Unrelieved Pressure 1627
Preterm Labor vs. Prenatal Harm 2729
Prevent AIDS by Stopping the Cause of It 1327
Prevent Patient Falls 993
Preventing Diabetes by a Reagualr Excersice 1580
Preventing Drug Abuse among Children 2127
Preventing Stress Through Relaxation 945
Prevention Against Gateway Drugs 1845
Prevention Approaches for Low Back Pain 2522
Preventions Against AIDS and HIV 1192
Preventive Measures for STDs 1672
Principles of Societal Development 639
Probiotic and prebiotic supplements 3211
Problem of Toxicity 1128
Procedures of Case management in Nursing 1271
Process of Digestion 733
Process of Management 1349
Professional and Ethical Conflicts at FCH 930
Professional Negligence: Medical Malpractice Insurance 1130
Progress in Clinical Medicine 461
Progressive Muscle Relaxation as Daily Stressor 976
Prominent Role for Health Care System in the U.S. 1739
Proper Diet & Nutrition on Breast Cancer Patient 3188
Proper Guidlines on How to Use Removable Partial Dentures 1913
Proper Nutrition and Health Care for the Elderly 2379
Proponents of Abortions 1938
Prostate Cancer : A Disease of Aging 2268
Protect the Confidentiality of an Individual's Health Care Information 571
Protection of Human Dignity 1519
Providing an Explanation for ILP Implementation 1342
Psychiatric and Chemical Dependency 1386
Psychological Effect on Having A Cancer 2375
Psychotomimetics and Hallucinogens 1052
Puberty in Males & Females 1949
Public and Private Health Care System 7706
Public Health Education Program for TB 1791
Public Health in an Era of Change 8494
Public Health Issues on Medical Ethics 617
Public Health Policy at the National Level 2147
Public Health Services Providers 5970
Public Health System of America 6445
Public Health: A Concept and an Agency 9828
Public Relations Incident 1069
Punting a Football and Imparting of Force 3410
Purcell's Model of Transcultural Health Care 3582
Please choose the letter your topic begins with...
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