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Talcott Parsons' and Robert Merton 753
Taoism and Confucianism 737
Taoism and Confucianism China's Native Culture 732
Taoism as a Philosophy and as a Religion 1559
Taoism on Lao Tzu & Chuang Tzu 1628
Taylor's View of Assumptions and Accretion 776
Teacher of Righteousness 1698
Teaching the Ways of Buddhism 764
Teaching What Your Heart Desire 1584
Technical Writing for Pirsig 1229
Teleology of doctrine 2140
Temperance and the Specific Nature of Fasting 1572
Termination of a Pregnancy-"Abortion" 498
Terrorism as a Phenomenon 3555
Thai Buddhism to the U.S. 298
Thales: A Pre-Socratic Philosopher 2801
The "Age of Enlightenment" 3279
the "call" of Isaiah, the Prophet. 1584
The "Dualism" 4096
The "Methodism" 1856
The "Righteous Teacher" 1715
The 12th Century Churches and the Sexes 1564
The 2 Yoga Systems : Ashtanga & Eightfold Noble Path 1129
The Abdication of a King 969
The Account of Sartre 1580
The Act of Counting as Ferge's Statement Concerns 2086
The Acts of the Apostles 1586
The Alternative Approach to Ethics 1891
The American's Religious Faith 3018
The Analysis of the Life & Theology of Apostle Paul 2425
The Ancient Greek Athenian Tradition 1713
The Angel of the Lord & The Messenger of the Lord 3093
The Anti-Christ 1355
The Apology & Crito 2334
The Approach to Education; Pragmatism 3409
The Argument in Bynum's "Jesus As Mother and Abbot as Mother" 745
The Assessment of Locke and Rousseau about a Residency in the State 3136
The Baptizing 1799
The Basic Scriptures of Hinduism 1512
The Basis of a Spiritual Approach to Living 632
The Beginning of Islamic Religion 2205
The Belief of Buddhism 1947
The Belief of China 2854
The Belief of Taoism 3239
The Beliefs about the Nature of Good and Evil 1336
The Best-kept Secret of Hispanic Culture 1172
The Bible & the Quran on Adam 418
The Bible's Old Testament Book of Isaiah 845
The Bible- "human" and not "holy. 3090
The Biblical Old Testament 2064
The Biblical Theme-"Specific Social and Cultural Outcasts" 1990
The Bill of Rights in the Constitution 2564
The Birth of the Roman Catholic Church 3018
The Black Catholics 2600
The Boat Race : A Question of Identity 1638
The Body of Islamic Law 4696
The Body-Mind Relationship 1154
The Book of Deuteronomy 1715
The Book of Isaiah in the Old Testament 2061
The Book of Jonah Examined 1690
The Book of the Bible 769
The Buddhism 991
The Buddhist The Essential Practice of Non-violence 247
The Buddhist Wheel of Birth and Death 1733
The Catholic Perspective 1678
The Catholic Sacrament of Communion 1380
The centerpiece of Christian faith 1194
The Central Aims behind Descartes Meditations 1201
The Choice of Communism or Democracy 1737
The Christian and Islam Bible with their Types of Prayer 600
The Christian Holy Day Called Easter 1807
The Christian Understanding of God 3249
The Christians and the Non-Christians Point of View 10598
The Christians' Standing on Abortion 2810
The Church Growth Increase 1360
The Circle of Jews in Jerusalem 4290
The Coast Guard's Ethics 499
The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx 2112
The Communist Manifesto Theory 1804
The Complexities of Thomas More's Utopia 1542
The Concept and Responsibilities of Discipleship 5373
The Concept of Christian millenarianism 1507
The Concept of Enlightenment" : Max Horkheimer and Theodore Adorno 553
The Concept of Existence 1540
The Concept of Patriarchal Subjugation of Women 5945
The Concept of Reincarnation 5625
the Concept of the Soul and the Afterlife 2670
The Concept of Workplace Ethics 897
The Confucian Traditional Rituals & Codes of Behavior 2117
The Connection between Religion and Morality 2154
The Consolation of Philosophy 2271
The Contrasting Views of Two Episcopalian Ministries 6270
The Contribution of Edward Burke in Government Views 1551
The Contribution of Leopold Zunz to Jewish Scholarship 1947
The Conventional Wisdom of Modern Western Society 1085
The Creation stories in Genesis 4251
The Creation Story "Adam& Eve" 796
The Critic: Alasdair MacIntyre 3905
The Critical Areas of Christian Discipleship 3760
The Critique of Pure Reason 1551
The Critique of Rhetoric 496
The Crusades 202
The Customary Procedure in Plato's Socratic Dialogues 1802
The Da Vinci Code and The Passion of the Christ 4364
The Debate on Abortion 2566
The Debate on God's Existence 2251
The Declaration of Independence of Europe 1356
The Definition Life of Socrates's Death in the Apology and the Crito 1761
The Definition Of War 771
The deminishing of Eastern Religion 1333
The Detailed Description of 2 Books on Jesus 1471
The Development of Catholic Priesthood 1265
The Development of Moral Sentiments Theory 2080
The Development of Religious Ethical Structures 2675
The Development of the Global Economy 867
The Development of Theories: Philosopher Chaim Perelman 1413
The Devotional Practice in Buddhism 2950
The Dharma 681
The Difference between "quantity" and "quality" of Pleasure 1518
The Difference Between Buddhism and Hinduism 2912
The difference Between Greeks Mythology and Philosophy 1521
The Difference between Jewish and Christian Interpretation of Genesis 2460
The Difference between Primitive and Historic-era Religious Traditions 2068
The Difference Between Scholasticism and Humanism 8769
The Difference between the Belief of Catholic and Protestant? 1470
The Difference between the Beliefs of Christian and Islam 700
The Difference Modernism Has from Traditional 1616
The Difference of Philosophical Thought of Trotsky & Marx 3458
The Differences between A "Good" rather than a "Bad" Effect 1369
The Different Aspects of Religion 1023
The Differnce between Isocrates & Sophism 1758
The Discussion of Frankfurt's Theory of Identification 1158
The Discussion of the Sovereignty in Islam 1536
The Disobeying of God's Law 1262
The Distinction between Voluntary and Involuntary Euthanasia 697
The Distinction of Mind & The Body 1744
The Divinity of God and the Humanity 7446
The Division of Labor in Society 947
The Educational Imagination 1924
The Effect of Detachment 807
The Emergence of Christian Faith 1552
The Empirical Death of Him and the Organic Discovery of Me 3610
The End Justifies The Means 1678
The End of the Euthyphro 4888
The Enlightened One 535
The Environment of Global Communication and Global Politics 2888
The Essay on friendship by Henry David Thoreau 1543
The Ethical Justification of the Use of Animals in Research 2781
The Ethics Theory by Kant 1067
The Evidence by Patrick Glynn 820
The Evolution of Morality 2436
The Evolution of Social Science and Philosophy 1013
The Execution of Socrates 1143
The Existence of Abstract General Ideas 2514
The Existence of God "Whatever it is Better to be than not to be" 1363
The Existence of Humankind's Freewill 1118
The Existential System of Thought 1703
The Existentialists and the Rationalists 745
The Experience of Buddhism 1357
The Experience of the "hole" of Cosmos 2150
The Explanation of Introvertive and Extrovertive Mystical Experience 1570
The Fact of Boff's 4825
The Feminine Mystique in 1963 960
The Feminist and the Environmental Movements 2010
The Figure of Jacob in the Book of Genesis 2746
The First six "days" of Creation to the World 6559
The First-century Mediterranean World 2434
The Five Proofs for the Existence of God by Saint Thomas Aquinas 6145
The Forms of Debate Over Euthanasia 697
The Four Degenerative States 1139
The Free-Will Concept 1109
The Freedom of Choice 1096
The Freedom of Speech in the Religious Sector being Questioned 797
The Functions of Metaphors 3475
The Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics 2436
The Fundamental Natural Law of Self-preservation 1257
The Fundamental Philosophical Differences in Belief Systems 967
The Fundamental Principle of the Halakhic Outlook 817
The fundamentals of Christianity 1991
The Genesis in the Bible 1115
The Goal of Plato's Republic 970
The God of Ancient Society- Zeus 1038
The Good Life on Plato's View 1422
The Good Samaritan 2465
The Gospel in the New Testament 1740
The Gospel of John: "I am" 2315
The Gospel of Luke - Acts 1705
The Gospel of Mark: How it was Written 2837
The Gospel of Mark: Written "in the parts of Italy" 1661
The Gospel of Saint John 2899
The Gospels of Mark and John 1823
The Government Roles 1597
The Greatest Victorian Liberal Thinkers and His Creation 1324
The Greek Idea of Self Developmen 1527
The Happiness 1639
The Hinduism and Jainism Religion 540
The Historical Dialogues of Aristofanes & Plato Socrates 1588
The Historical Figures in the Holy Bible 1787
The Historical Hindu Belief System 840
The Historical Nature of Humankind 1945
The History and Development of the Catholic Church 2017
The History Islam 1518
The History of Buddhist Sangha 3856
The History of Christianity, Hinduism & Buddhism 750
The Holy Bible 1066
The Holy Book of Islam 3368
The Honorable Believer 461
The human freedom 1593
The Human Nature for Chinese Philosophers 1830
The Human Self 1441
The Humanists Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers Theory 1379
The Idea and Implications of Multiculturalism 2723
The Idea of Free Will 759
The Implications of Human Creation 1331
The Importance of Baptism in Christianity 1265
The Importance of Catholic Church Teachings 2187
The Importance of Citizenship 1348
The Importance of Happiness in Life 557
The Importance of Meeting the School Standards 233
The Impulse Control in The Bible 661
The Influence of Nietzsche on Latin American Literature 3325
The Influence of Protestant Reformation in Europe 2915
The Instances of Reality and Appearance by Plato 1501
The International Front and Domestically as One Group in a Society 2661
The Interpenetration of Bodily Existence 3217
The Interpretation of Paul in Christian Message 751
The Interpretation of the Scripture from the Holy Bible 3525
The Islamic Law 1536
The Isssue on American and Israel Diaspora 1515
The Jewish conception 1503
The Jewish of Torah's Idea of the Covenant 2400
The Jewish of Torah's Three Covenant 2400
The Jews Life 720
The Judeo-Christian tradition 1645
The Latin of the Modern World 941
The Leadership of the French Revolution 1424
The Legalization of Abortion Issues 1469
The Levi Strauss Company 611
The Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes 918
The Liberal and Comprehensive View 543
The Life After Death 1270
The life and essays of Michel de Montaigne 1480
The Life of An Aged 707
The Life of Socrates and His Pursuit of Truth 1154
The Literature Across Cultures on Death and Dying 1841
The Living Word 1089
The Lutheran Church 2733
The Main Preparation on Having a Precise a Meaning of Term 3381
The manner of Liberty & Autonomy Understood & Valued in Modern Society 1178
The Marxist Method of Criticism 748
The Memory of the Holocaust 1138
The Metaphysics 1572
The Metaphysics of Morals 1264
The mind and The Senses 1666
The Mismeasure of Man by Gould 2322
The Modern Jewish Religion 2064
The Myth of the Cave 1001
The National Education Policy 1610
The Natural Religion 1419
The Nature & Uses of the Term Virtue in The Prince and The Discourses 1648
The Nature of Man 3911
The Nature of Morality 2115
The Nature of Reality 1645
The Nature of Sikhism 233
The Nature of the Universe 1021
The New Testament and the Christians Path 1710
The New Trend in Anthropology Today 2971
The Nuclear Arms Race Against Christian Ethics 345
The Obverse of Positivism 2857
The Offshoots of Mahayana Buddhism 2494
The Old Testament & The Odyssey 650
The Old Testament or the Hebrew Bible 2398
The Old Testament Prophet Amos 1259
The Ongoing Debate of Religion and Science 545
The Online Free Expression of Opinions 809
The Open Theism and Free Will 2947
The opinion of two philosophers in philosophy 1707
The origins of Indias Caste System 1261
The Outreach Programs to Bring Souls for Christ 2916
The Owing of Money 1054
The Paradigm of Mutual Understanding 2021
The Paradigmatic Genocide 1651
The Path of Buddhist and their Belief 956
The Pattern that Associates Body and Mind 1168
The Penal System and the Punishment 1306
The Pentecostal Churches 502
The Perfect and the Imperfect Ways of Life 2105
The period of the eighteenth century 1423
The Period of the Judges 3223
The Persian Letters 1660
The Phenomenon of Death 2317
The Philosophers 2677
The Philosophers Views About Religious Claims 1813
The Philosophical & Psychological Issues on Free Will & Determinism 2624
The Philosophical Beliefs of Descartes and Augustine 1044
The philosophical concepts of subjectivism and Divine Command Theory 1330
The Philosophical Question Between Socrates and Glaucon 1001
The Philosophical voices 1965
The Philosophy of Life and Death 1748
The philosophy of mind studies the nature of the mind 1763
The Physical Development of the Human Body 3513
The Physical Universe and the Human Being 2250
The Political Morality 1199
The Political Paradigms and their Philosophies 1625
The Political Principles Of Constitutionalism 1790
The Political Savvy Skills 661
The Political Writings of Aristotle 2427
The Politics of Well-Being 2727
The Portrait of Gertrude Stein and The Toilet of Venus 781
The Position of African-Americans in American Society 2650
The Power of the Word of God 684
The Power to Kill 1754
The Practice and Theology of Ministry: By Paul 3566
The Pre-scientific Societies and It's Methodologies 2032
The Priesthood of Christianity 10757
The Principal Elements of Liberation Theology 4331
The Principal Features of Pollner's Argument 3161
The Principles of Morals 1735
The Problem of Developing 799
The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell 1405
The Prodigal Son 2036
The project of Joseph H. Kupler's "Respect and Autonomy" 1671
The Proof of Faith 2091
The Prophet Muhammad Contribution 1765
The Prophetic Tradition of the Hebrews 850
The Pros and Cons of Abortion 1774
The Protestant Reformation in Europe 2917
The Providential Intervention of God 3030
The Psycho-Dynamic Theories Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses 4822
The Psychological Dimension of Human Existence 2263
The Puritans Reform 1071
The Purpose of Education 3015
The Quality of Life 3039
The Quest of Personal Desire & Happiness 1152
The Question of Existence and What it Means To Be 966
The Question of Immortality as a Key in Philosophy and Religion 2694
The Question of Immortality is An Ancient One 1736
The Rabbis 749
The Radical and Postmodern View 498
The Readiness of Troops to Perform in Battle 1988
The Real Logic of Religion 2545
The Reality of the World 461
The Realm of Religious Symbolism 2393
The Reason Why I Believe in God 2769
The Rediscovery of the Mind as a Modern Value Systems 1620
The Reincarnation 1499
The Relationship Among Islamic Militancy 3038
The Relationship Between Ancient Greece and Rome 1707
The Relationship Between God and Mankind 2299
The Relationship between Mr. Berkeley & Ananas Comosus Sample 1298
The Relationship Between the Old and New Testament 1340
The religions of China, Korea, and Japan 2620
The Religious Group: Falun Gong 1430
The Renaissance"Ration & Reason" 2125
The Republic & Allegory of the Cave 3166
The Research about The Concept of God 8339
The Response of Different Worldviews to the Dilemma 3370
The Restorative Justice 1009
The Revolt of the Israelites led by Judas Maccabeus 1477
The Riddle of the Sepulcher 1434
The Right Versus Right Dilemma 1608
The Rights Approach and Utilitarianism 488
The Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism 4710
The Rise of Social Theory 4925
The Rise of Wahhabism 4185
The Ritual of the Last Supper 1696
The Role of Europe in Shaping the United States's Religion 5410
The Role of Images and Symbols in Egyptian Religious Belief 3386
The Role of Philosophers in the World of Discovery 461
The Role of Vision in Church Leadership 7755
The Roman Catholic Church and Female Ordination 1294
The Roots of Hedonism 2348
the rude of life 2664
The Sacraments and the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism 893
The Safavid Culture Show 915
The Scar of Odysseus 1566
The Scientific View 533
The SCUM Manifesto 3962
The Serpent and the Goddess 1529
The Seven Sacraments in Roman Catholic Faith 1992
the Shari'a morality 2081
The Significant Difference in Chinese and Greek Thoughts 1188
The Significant Similarities in Confucius and Plato's Teachings 1598
The Slave Onesimus and Paul's letter to Philemon 2201
the social and psychological reality of women 1166
The Social Contract and Discourses(Jean Jacques Rousseau) 1654
The Social Development and the Cultural Development 2317
The Society and Civilization in Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching 1691
The Sociological Perspective 5766
The Sociological Theory 1039
the solidarity of society and vitality 1021
The Sophists Point of View 1551
The Soteriological Dimensions in Christianity and Islam 2901
The Sources of Knowledge 773
The Sources of Metaphysical Knowledge 2601
The Sower and the Seed 2524
The Speculative, Analytic and Existential Conceptions of Philosophy 3115
The Speech of David Duke 280
The Spiritual Disciplines 4162
The State of Nature 918
The State of Nature Concept of Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1659
The Statement McElroy 6813
The States of Unawareness & The Human Mind 493
The Story of Abraham 700
The Story of Creation in the Book of Genesis 2466
The Story of God in the Bible 3350
The Story of God's Creation 1115
The Story of the Golden Calf 3600
The Story of the Yellow Wallpaper 1409
The Struggle for Rights of Hispanic Catholics 1708
The Struggles 2713
The Study of Consciousness 2841
The Study of Plato's Symposium 3371
The Study of Political and Private Virtue 1592
The Study of the Universe 2724
The Study of the Origin and True Nature of Zen Buddhism 2846
The Survey for New Testament 1639
The Synoptic Gospels 1065
The Systematic Survey of Greek and Roman about Hero 1861
The Systematic Theology of African American Society 1427
The Talmud 2667
The Tax Collectors 900
The Teacher of Rhetoric 1758
The Teachings of God in Asian Religions 593
The Teachings of Early Religions 1395
The Teachings of the Summa Theologica between 1265 and 1273 2449
The Teleological View of Nature Led to Aristotle's Belief 2124
The Testimony of the Gospels 897
The Theme of Rebirth as Found in the Philosophies of India 1895
The Theology of the Pentateuch 2676
The Theoretical World & World of Praxis 3056
The Theories of Democracy 2002
The Theories of Hume and Kant 1406
The Theories of Physicalism and Interactionalism 489
The Theories of Sigmund Freud and Jean Piaget 3485
The Theory of Marxist Criticism Main Function 748
The Theory of Multiculturalism 2530
The Theory of the Prophetic Corpus of the Old Testament 1782
The Thought of Ancient Greek & Hebrew 1688
The Three Ethics Essays 1100
The Three so-called Abrahamic Religions of Middle East 902
The Torah and Jesus 3055
The Tour in Hell 1277
The Traditional Morality 2182
The Traditional View of Man 1858
The Tragicall History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus 1480
The Tree of Jesse: the genealogy of Chris 1832
The Trial and Execution of Socrates 507
The Trial of Socrates 856
The True Character of Mind 1680
The Two Great Religions Native to China 1436
The two major branches of associationism 805
The U.S. Golden Rule 2065
The Understanding of Knowledge 1345
The Unjust Ruler 585
The US Constitution on Religion in Public Schools 2166
The Utilitarianism by John Stuart Mill's 1658
The Validity of Kant's Ethical Philosophy 4659
The Value of Persons by Immanuel Kant 6475
The Various Sacrifices of Leviticus 5130
The Vatican and the Mathematics of Infinity 1056
The Viewed Argument of The Myth of the Eternal Return & Rituals 1036
The views of Kant and Walzer about Serenity and Battle 877
The Way to True Enlightenment 1673
The Western Psychological Methodologies 2044
The Women Characters in the Bible 1399
The Word of God in Old and New Testament 2299
The Works of Gianlorenzo Bernini 1508
The World of St. Augustine as Depicted in "The Confessions" 1000
The Writings from the Bible 2253
The Zionist Movement 682
Their Personal Belief 968
Theodore Kaczynski 987
Theological and Mechanical Explanations of the World 1978
Theological Dialogue 8346
Theology of Saint Augustine 2141
Theoretical Development in Sociology 1794
Theories of Hume & Kant 1563
Theories of knowledge & Descartes 1639
Theories of Nietzsche 5134
Theories of Rational Thought 312
Theories of Religion and Projections on Modern Culture 1165
Theories of religion of Marx, Durkheim, Freud & Weber 2546
Theories of Society and Culture 1665
Theory of Activity in the World 1794
Theory of Ethics 1466
Theory of Immanuel Kant 1645
Theory of Information Literacy 927
Theory of Justice by John Rawl 1978
Theory of Natural Rights 2373
Theory, Processes and Applications to Administrators & Teachers 1037
Theravada Buddhism 3856
Thessalonica 1957
Thomas Aquinas Complementary Aspects on Religious Faith 2433
Thomas Hobbes "Leviathan" 1777
Thomas Hobbes in Civil Philosophy 1644
Thomas Hobbes's Theory of Human Nature 1082
Thomas Jefferson's Conception of Democracy: An Analysis 278
Thomas Merton on Camus' Interpretation of Christian Morality 1586
Thomas Merton's Concept of Solitude 1049
Thomas More's View of Human Nature 3993
Thomas Nagel Thomas 1420
Thomson's Violinist Analogy 1769
Thoreau in Walden-"wished to live deliberately" 2215
Thou shalt not kill 2713
Thought Systems Demonstrate Reverence for Nature 2111
Three Aspects of Philosophy of Religion 1597
Three distinct organized Religions:Hinduism, Buddhism & Christianity 1314
Three Major World Religions 1739
Three Monotheistic Faiths 2119
Three Synoptic Gospels 1065
Through Faithfulness Comes a Reward from God 3266
Thucydides and Xenophon text 896
Thucydidic Perception:Politics is entirely Governed by Fear 3096
Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None 3250
Tibetan Goddess Tara 3469
Tiger Woods, Venus and Serena Williams and Golf 971
To Die is to Gain 1380
To Kill Human Being 1711
To Whom You Believe? 1805
Tradition of USC Students Before the USC-UCLA Football Game 1638
Traditional Vedic 2286
Transcendental Philosophy and Self-Reliance 296
Transformations of the Story of King Josiah 981
Travels In Persia and the Interaction with Safavid Society 915
Treatment of Innate Ideas 3328
Tribal Religions 776
True Nature of reality 1704
True to Life Story of Muhammad Asad 2749
Twist of Religious Mysteries hand Over to Disciples 1656
Two Indian Tribes Views on Death and Dying 2912
Two opposing types of philosophy 1638
Two Statements of Ethical Theory 1838
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