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Analysis of the Situation of Synesthesia

g., Rimbaud, Liszt, Nabokov, which makes it difficult to put strong confidence in her claims. However, she does note that there is some evidence that it is also language-based because in at least one third of those who are synesthetic, the ability will be lost once they develop the capacity for abstract language and thought.

However, it is an unfortunate fact that there is really no definitive, well research-supported theory of synesthesia (Katz, Gibbs, Cacciari & Tuner, 1998; Bodenhamer & Hall, 2001;Palmeri, Blake, Marois, Flanery & Whetsell, 2002). Cytowic (2000) cites 42 case studies of synesthesia and notes that the most current model of the condition, at least in current thought, is that the joining of senses characteristic of synesthesia is neither simply an intensification of metaphor, nor is it language based. Rather, the thinking is that synesthesia is a function of the brain rather than the mind, and resides only in the left hemisphere. In other words, synesthesia may have psychological effects in terms of sensation and perception, but it is rooted in neurobiological processes and functions. The psychological component is involved mostly in terms of learning how to live with it in a world where most people's sensation/perception mechanisms are not the same.

It should be noted that there is good support for the idea that synesthesia is associated with brain function in that numerous studies have now shown clear differences in the brain activity of those with synesthesia and those who do not have the condition. For example, Nunn, Gregory, Brammer, Williams, Parslow, Morgan, Morris, Bullmore, Baron-Cohen and Gray (2002) used functional magnetic resonance imaging of the brain in a comparison of people with synesthesia (color-hearing) and regular sensory perception. They found significant differences in terms of activations of the 'color" center of the brain (referred to as either V4 or V8.) between the two groups indicating...

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