An Overview of Tay Sachs Disease
For many years, stress has been recognized by the medical and psychological communities as a major contributor to the onset of significant physical and mental health problems (Maes, Vingerhoets, & Heck, 1987; Hinkle, 1987). Stress is defined as "a state of tension, strain, or pressure" (Selye, 1974, p. 312). It is a "normal reaction resulting from the interaction between an individual and the environment" (Selye, 1974, p. 312). Those actions or conditions which induce stress are referred to as stressors. In any individual life, or in any family environment, stress may produce either positive or negative results.

In the following discussion, the pathophysiological process of TaySachs disease is considered. This discussion is followed by considerations of nursing interventions with respect to TaySachs disease within the contexts of (1) systems theory, (2) stress theory, and (3) the grieving process.


The pathophysiological process of TaySachs disease is discussed in three contexts. These discussions cover (1) carrier detection, (2) physiology and effects of an enzymatic defect, and (3) detection of carriers, and genetic counseling of parents.

TaySachs disease is one of a group of genetic diseases "in which the storage of GM2 ganglioside and related glycosphingolipids is due to deficiencies of specific hexosaminidases

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